Tradition, quality and authenticity

our philosophy

Tradition, quality and authenticity are the values that shaped the business Riccardo’s grandfather started over 70 years ago. 
Today, more than ever, these guiding principles describe what Tonda stands for.



We valorise and build on skills and knowledge successfully passed down over generations.

Italy is a country with a very important tradition in culinary art.

We are proud to maintain the tradition of homemade preparation and baking of unique pizzette that Riccardo inherited from his ancestors and to share it with customers around the world.

Besides our own attitude towards tradition, we choose suppliers who share the same value. Our suppliers have established their reputation for traditional local and organic production. Their products are grown and prepared respecting the relevant long tradition.


We select high-quality ingredients and ensure high quality at every preparation level to offer high-quality food.

Quality is key to tasty and healthy dishes.

We pride ourselves on paying high attention to the ingredients we source and use for the preparation of our food. Only quality products provide the real taste and are healthy.
Here again, our strict criteria regarding traditional production and organic certification when choosing our suppliers contribute to the high quality of our own final products.

Furthermore, we believe that besides ingredients, the preparation modes request special attention to ensure high quality.
Our pizzetta dough is prepared as it has been done for generations, in each single production step: from the initial combination of the ingredients to the rising of the dough and finally to the baking itself. That substantially contributes to the high quality of our dough and other dishes.


Tradition – Quality – Authenticity
This is our promise to customers around the world!

We source genuine Italian ingredients to make authentic Italian food according to real Italian recipes. Italian food is made with Italian ingredients. As obvious as it sounds, we are proud to walk the talk: our main and key ingredients come from Italy, are grown and produced in Italy.

Our pizzetta dough is prepared the way Riccardo learnt it from his father who learnt it from his grandfather… The traditional way!
Authenticity is also a key aspect of all other dishes and drinks we offer.

Taste it!