100% Italian

Our Suppliers in Italy

We source key ingredients directly from Italy

Based on our leading values “tradition, quality and authenticity”, we source key ingredients directly
from Italy.*

We furthermore rely on long-term cooperation with traditional and
well-established suppliers who share our values. By doing so, we are able to ensure the highest quality is served at all our locations. We always strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.


We source key ingredients directly from Italy

Our fiordilatte mozzarella

The most renowned and traditional soft-cheese from Italy, the mozzarella, is mainly produced in the southern part of Italy.

For Tonda, we carefully selected a provider from the Abruzzo region, east of Rome. The producer is successfully continuing the business his ancestors initiated over a century ago. To produce 10 kilos of his signature cheese, as many as 70 litres of cow milk is needed. Milk that is provided by cows breeding in the pure and healthy environment of the Abruzzo region. Thus, both freshness and a great natural taste are guaranteed from the very beginning.

The fiordilatte (literally “flower of the milk”) mozzarella we source from there has specially been customised to ensure perfect results on our pizzette.

Our “Tonda sausage” – A traditional local salsicce

For some of our dishes, we use a sausage specially made for us. We are proud to source it from a traditional butchery also located in the Abruzzo region, Italy.

Our supplier is passionate about keeping up with his family tradition: the production of typical, local products that are tasty, yet healthy.

For Tonda, he makes a special salsicce with a unique taste for our pizzette and other dishes – without any preservatives or colouring agents. As for all his other products, our supplier pays much attention to the accurate amounts of salt and pepper.

Our extra virgin olive oil

We use only Italian extra virgin olive oil from the Abruzzo region to season our pizzette. This region with its very favourable microclimate is home to a huge quantity of olives.

The main characteristic of our supplier, located between the Adriatic Sea and National Parks, is a constant and untiring production of high-quality oil for many decades already.


Our tomatoes

The artisans from where we supply our tomato products know a great deal about the culture and production of tomatoes.

The company dates back to 1958 and has maintained the values of a local, high-quality production. Using their certified organic products is key to the preparation of our dishes. The all-year-round sun in Vasto in the Abruzzo region offers the ideal ingredient to grow tasty and high-quality fruits. The best tomatoes are carefully selected and picked. The natural further processing of the harvest ensures a great taste and consistency.
To be enjoyed on our pizzette and in other dishes we passionately prepare for you!

Our Coffee

The company from the Abruzzo region that provides us with a delicious high-quality blend started trading spices and colonial products mid of the 19th century. 

The decision to concentrate on coffee was made in the 1930s. This coffee supplier has thus consolidated almost a century of experience around the selection of beans and their origin, the exact composition of the blend, as well as the art of roasting and packaging.
Ever since the company’s philosophy is quality.
Our Tonda coffee is made with their best 100% Arabica blend.